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Community Service Hours: 630,382

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Project Overview


Description of volunteer effort:



  • Painted more than 80 homes
  • Built a playground in a day
  • Planted two urban gardens
  • Held workforce development workshops
  • Revitalized 32 blocks across the Fifth Ward


In total during Starbucks Global Leadership Conference, nearly 10,000 Starbucks partners from across 34 countries volunteered more than 42,000 hours of service in just three days to positively impact more than 200,000 lives in the Houston community.


Thanks for your commitment to community and to the Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation!

  • When: 09/30/12 6:00 AM - 10/06/12 6:00 PM
  • Where: 4300 Lyons Avenue, Houston, TX 77226
  • Activity: Health & Human Services
  • Commitment: 3 hours
  • Project Type: Open
  • Org Name: Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation
  • Total volunteers needed: 5000
  • Volunteers attending: 187
  • Tags: houston, starbucks_leadership_conference, 5th_ward

Starbucks Global Leadership Conference 2012

Use Instagram and tag your photos #sglc12 or #sglcgivingback

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