Partner Match Guidelines U.S. and Canada

Partner Match (formerly known separately as Choose to Give and Individual Make Your Mark) recognizes and supports partners’ individual contributions of financial gifts or time to qualified organizations. Partners may request up to $1,500 in grants per fiscal year in support of such contributions. Requests will be processed in the order of contribution date, up to the maximum fiscal year limit. Review the guidelines below for both aspects of the program, Financial Gifts and Time.

Eligibility Criteria


All active partners of Starbucks Coffee Company in the U.S. and Canada are eligible. An applicant must be an active partner at the time they contribute time or financial gifts through the time a request is processed and paid.


Grants can be made only to 501(c)(3) public charities in the United States and Registered Charities in Canada. If you have questions about whether an organization qualifies, contact CyberGrants at or (866) 763-1815.

Organizations not eligible to receive grants include:

  • Political organizations
  • Religious organizations benefiting only those with like beliefs
  • Private foundations
  • Professional organizations

Partner Match – Financial Gifts

Any active partner may request that Starbucks match a financial contribution to an eligible organization.

Eligible Contributions

  • Must be a personal gift, from the partner’s personal funds, which has been paid and not simply pledged. The minimum gift eligible for matching is $20. For gifts of installments, each installment must be submitted separately and meet the $20 minimum gift requirement.
  • Gifts must be personal contributions made directly to approved organizations.
  • Gifts must be in the form of cash, check, credit card or marketable securities with a quoted market value. Gifts of securities are valued based on the average of the high and low on the date of the gift. No other form of personal or real property will be matched.

Non-Eligible Contributions

  • Gifts from spouses or surviving spouses
  • Gifts made in lieu of tuition payment for services
  • Fees for service or tuition payments
  • Membership fees for which benefits are received
  • Dues to alumni(ae) or similar groups
  • Gifts or payments for primarily political purposes
  • Subscription fees for publications
  • Insurance premiums
  • Bequests or life income trust arrangements
  • Gifts of real or personal property
  • Cumulative gifts from several individuals reported as one contribution

Partner Match - Time

Any active partner may request that Starbucks support their community service efforts with a matching donation. You can also choose to record your hours contribution without requesting a matching donation.

Getting Started

Only one partner may participate in a Partner Match – Time community service project. The partner is responsible for understanding the program guidelines, coordinating the project in conjunction with the benefiting non-profit and completing the Partner Match evaluation on Starbucks Community Service Website (

Choosing a Project

Projects that directly serve a local community or the environment are supported by Partner Match - Time. You may serve on a board of directors, mentor a student, redesign an organization’s website…the choices are nearly limitless. For ideas, visit All for Good and VolunteerMatch.

Some projects and activities will not qualify. Such exclusions include, but are not limited to:

  • Projects that do not directly involve a non-profit organization
  • Any project involving brewing or serving coffee
  • Time spent training for an event, such as a marathon. (Note: time spent fundraising and participating in these events does qualify. Similarly, for multi-day events, only time spent walking or riding qualifies.)
  • Blood donation or other medical procedures
  • Foster parenting
  • Registration fees, fees for tables at fundraising events, board dues and membership fees

Request Considerations

The time partners spend supporting local organizations is the main focus of Partner Match – Time. You may let the organization know that you will be applying for a match on behalf of your efforts, but you must not guarantee that they will receive financial support.

Grants are paid quarterly, based on the number of hours volunteered (25 hour minimum):

Number of Hours Volunteered Matching Donation
25 to 49 $250
50 to 74 $500
75 to 99 $750
100 or more $1,000

To Request Support Through Partner Match

  • Within 12 months of making your contribution of time or financial gifts, log onto Starbucks Community Service Website via to record your contribution and request a match.
  • The final step in completing the partner portion of the process, the partner must send a notification and request for verification to the organization. From there, it is the organization’s responsibility to complete the process.

Eligible gifts are processed and matched to institutions on the following quarterly schedule:

Complete form and organizational verification by: Matching donation to be issued by:
November 1 December 31
February 1 March 31
May 1 June 30
August 22 October 15

Administrative Conditions

Starbucks Coffee Company reserve the right to suspend, change, revoke or terminate Partner Match at any time. Additionally, Starbucks Coffee Company shall be the sole judge as to the eligibility of projects and potential grantee organizations including whether their missions support Starbucks Guiding Principles. In all of the foregoing matters, the decisions of Starbucks Coffee Company shall be final.


Call (866)763-1815 or email