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Starbucks Community Service

Starbucks believes that community needs can be addressed and improved by mobilizing people in service. We seek to empower Starbucks partners (employees) and customers to be local change makers who strengthen their communities by leading and participating in meaningful service.

Community Service guidelines

Tools & Resources to Impact Opportunity Youth

The documents below are a designed to help you with the planning and coordination of activities, including a youth resource fair, geared toward serving the needs of opportunity youth as they prepare themselves for employment.

Youth Resource Planning Toolkit

Youth Passport Example

Resume & Cover Letter Workshop

Resume Cover Letter Presentation

Resume Cover Letter Trainer Manual

Resume Cover Letter Supplement

Job Search & Interview Workshop

Job Search Interview Presentation

Job Search and Interview Trainers Manual

Job Search Interview Supplement

Professional Etiquette & Communication Workshop

PEC Workshop

PEC – Professional Etiquette & Communications Trainer Manual

PEC Supplement

Financial Literacy Workshop

Financial Literacy Presentation

Financial Literacy Training Manual

Financial Literacy Supplement


Who can lead a group service project?

  • Any Starbucks partner can lead a group service project.

How do I lead a group project?

  • Think about what your neighborhood needs and how community service could help address that need.
  • Work with a local non-profit and create a project to address the needs in your community or review the list of open projects that need volunteers on the lead page of Starbucks Community Service Website.
  • Post the project on the Starbucks Community Service website and invite fellow partners and customers to join your effort.

What counts as "service?" Does serving coffee or tea at an event count?

  • Starbucks defines community service as an action that a person and/or a group of people perform to address needs in and for the benefit of the community.
  • Any effort that only involves brewing or serving coffee or tea does not count as community service.

How do I make sure my group's service hours count? Does every volunteer from the group need to record their hours individually?

  • It is the project leader's responsibility to close out the project and report the hours and impact of the entire group's efforts. In order for group hours to be counted, the project must be reported as complete on the Community Service Website.

Are grants available? How do I apply?

  • We’re working on making Community Service Grants a meaningful way to recognize the community involvement of partners all year-round. Stay tuned for more information this summer.

Partner Match

This program was designed to support partners’ personal passions and contributions in the community. Partners in the US and Canada may request up to $1,500 per fiscal year in matching support for your individual gifts of time or financial resources to eligible non-profit organizations.

Community Service guidelines


How do I submit a request?

  • All requests are made online through Starbucks Community Service Website. Your personal use page includes a link where you can submit requests or check your annual balance.

Which organizations are eligible?

  • Matching gifts can be made only to 501(c)(3) public charities in the United States and Registered Charities in Canada.

How much is my annual balance? How do I know my current available balance?

  • Partners in the U.S. and Canada have $1,500 available in matching funds each fiscal year. You can find your available balance and the status of all requests by scrolling to the "Individual Current Year Balance" section on the Partner Match page.

Can I use Partner Match to match group or pooled contributions?

  • Matching gifts are available only for a partner's individual contribution of time or financial resources. Funds collected from fellow partners, customers and others cannot be matched. For service projects, only one partner may participate in the project or effort to qualify for a Partner Match.